Conclave events and dates are subject to change. Make sure to check the Phi Beta Sigma App for updated schedule information.

MONDAY, JULY 10, 2023
IHQ Office Open  8:00AM  5:00PM
President’s Office Open  8:00AM  5:00PM
Marketplace Set-Up  8:00AM  5:00PM
TUESDAY, JULY 11, 2023
Morning Fitness Booster: Wellness Walk and Run  6:00AM  7:00AM
Meditation Room Open  7:00AM  5:30PM 
Annual Demetrius C. Newton Golf Classic  7:00AM  2:30PM
Registration Hours  9:00AM  8:00PM 
Sigma Marketplace Open  11:00AM  6:00PM
Sigma Marketplace Ribbon Cutting  12:00PM  12:15PM
General Board Meeting/Lunch  12:30PM  2:00PM
Conclave Community Service Project 2:45PM  5:00PM
General Board Dinner  6:00PM  7:30PM
Sigma Welcome Reception  8:00PM  10:00PM
Hospitality  10:00PM
Morning Fitness Booster: Wellness Walk and Run 6:00AM  7:00AM
Registration Open  8:00AM  7:00PM
Meditation Room Open 7:00AM  5:30PM
Past Presidents’ Breakfast  7:30AM  8:30AM
Sigma Marketplace  8:00AM  6:00PM
General Session  9:00AM  12:00PM
Elections Committee  8:00AM  11:59PM
Nominations Committee  8:00AM  11:59PM
Credentials Committee  8:00AM  11:59PM 
Grievance Committee  8:00AM  11:59PM
Life Members’ Luncheon 12:14PM  1:45 PM
Lunch (on your own) 12:00PM  1:30PM
General Session 2:00PM  4:00PM
DSC Meeting 4:15PM 5:30PM
Collegiate Connection 4:15PM 5:45PM
VIP Holding Room 5:30PM 6:30PM
Opening Ceremony 6:30PM 9:00PM
President’s Reception 9:00PM 11:00PM
Hospitality 11:00PM
Registration Open  7:00AM  5:00PM
Meditation Room Open  7:00AM  5:30PM
Grievance Committee  8:00AM  5:00PM
Credentials and/or other Committee  8:00AM  5:00PM
Elections and/or other Committee  8:00AM  5:00PM
Nominations and/or other Committee  8:00AM  5:00PM
Sigma Marketplace  8:00AM  6:00PM
Breakfast with the Candidates  7:30AM  9:30AM
Regional Caucuses  9:45AM  11:30AM
Step Show Team Meetings  9:00AM  5:00PM
Lunch  11:30PM  12:30PM
Plenary Session I (Doors Open: 12:30PM)  1:00PM  5:00PM
Conclave Photo Op  5:14PM  5:45PM
Dinner (on Your Own)  6:00PM
Profession Networking Reception  6:00PM  7:15PM
Largest Chapter Reception  6:00PM  7:15PM
Corporate Partners Reception  6:00PM  7:15PM
Miss International Phi Beta Sigma Pageant  8:00PM  9:30PM
International Ol’ Skool Step Show & Stroll Competition  9:30PM  11:00PM
Regional Hospitality  10:00PM  1:00AM
Host Chapter/Region Hospitality  11:00PM  1:00AM
FRIDAY, JULY 14, 2023
Registration Open  7:00AM  5:00PM
Meditation Room Open  7:00AM  5:30PM
PBSFCU Annual Breakfast Meeting  7:00AM  8:14AM
Sigma Marketplace  8:00AM  7:00PM
Omega & Rededication 8:30AM  9:30AM
Plenary Session II  10:00AM  12:00PM
*Alain Leroy Locke Honors Chapter Induction &
Distinguished Service Chapter Induction are included here!
International Awards Luncheon  12:30PM  2:30PM
General Session III  3:00PM  4:30PM
*The induction of Honorary Members is included here!
All White Party/Pool Party/Cookout at Texas Pool 6:00PM  9:00PM
DSC and A. L. Locke Honors Dinner (Invitation Only)  6:00PM  7:30PM
Regional Hospitality  11:00PM  1:00AM
Host Chapter/Region Hospitality  11:00PM  1:00AM
Meditation Room Open  7:00AM  12:00PM
Plenary III  9:00AM  12:00PM
Sigma Marketplace  8:00AM  6:00PM
Collegiate Luncheon  12:30PM  2:00PM
Collegiate Sports Competition  2:30PM 4:30PM
PB Impact Foundation Reception  12:30PM  2:00PM
Grand Orchid Ball (doors open at 6:30 PM) 7:00PM  12:00AM
SUNDAY, JULY 16, 2023
Post-Conclave General Board Meeting 9:00AM 11:00AM