Is Conclave 2023 happening? Where and when?

Yes! Phi Beta Sigma is bringing it to Houston TX during the week of July 10 – 16, 2023 with all the same engaging Conclave activities and special events, along with some newly added features!!

Even though the pandemic is lessening, are precautions still needed against any spread of COVID-19?

Adherence to CDC guidelines for large gatherings, socially distanced meeting configurations, and all of the venue’s strict adherence to cleaning and sanitization protocols, will create a safe environment for those attending the in-person event. Attendees must do their part by committing themselves to safe practices and adhering to all Sigma Safety Standards.

What is the Sigma Virtual Conclave experience?

It is the virtual presentation of Conclave activities created to ensure that all who want to be a part of the Sigma Conclave can do so from anywhere in the world. The Experience will include all Conclave 2023 General Sessions, plenary sessions, and special events live-streamed and available on demand through a robust virtual event platform.

What does it cost to participate in the Sigma Virtual Conclave Experience and what will I get for my money?

Early Bird registration for Conclave Houston is $575.00 for Alumni and $475.00 for Collegiate Brothers and guests.  As the registration period advances, so advance the fees.

Early Bird Registration for the Virtual Conclave is $375 before February 28, 2023 and includes everything but the Conclave meals. All Conclave workshops and General Sessions, Sigma legislative sessions, all social events, and the Sigma Marketplace will be available through the platform. Even the Conclave gift will be sent straight to your door.

Will in-person attendees have access to the Sigma Virtual Conclave Experience platform?

Yes, in-person registrants get the best of both worlds. Like the virtual registrants, they can access the platform during Conclave and for up to 30-days after.


Will I be able to submit the forms normally found in the digital chapter toolkit?

Yes!  All of those forms will be available through BluPrint.  No paper documents are needed for Conclave Houston!!!  This includes the constitutional amendments.


I registered for Conclave already and am serving as a delegate or alternate. What do I need to do?

You will not have to do anything other than complete the delegate form in BluPrint and be present to vote!  Just make sure your name is included on your chapter’s delegate form. See you in Houston TX!

I am a registered delegate. Can I still bring my registered guest?

Yes, a registered delegate may bring their registered guest.

I registered for Conclave already but would prefer to attend virtually. Can I transfer my registration?

Yes, you can convert your in-person registration to a virtual registration status by sending your request via email address prior to March 31, 2023. Transfer information must be returned to us no later than March 31, 2023 as well.

If I convert my registration to virtual, will I be refunded the difference between the amount I paid and the virtual fee?

Yes, you will be refunded the difference.

If I register for the Essential Sigma Virtual Experience, then decide not to attend, can I get a refund?

No, registration for the Essential Sigma Cyber Experience is non-refundable.

Can I wait and register for the Virtual Conclave Experience just before the event?

You may choose to do so, but be advised that the registration fee increases to $475 on April  and deadline registration date via BluPrint is May 31, 2023.


I am a delegate participating virtually. Will I still be able to vote?

Unfortunately, the answer is “no”.  All delegates must be present in Houston TX and onsite at the Conclave in order to vote.

I am participating virtually. Will I still be able to speak to motions on the floor?

No, but you can ask questions of our virtual monitor and you will quickly receive an answer.

If I become a virtual attendee of the Conclave, will I still receive my gift and how?

The Conclave gift is included in both types of registration. The gift will be directly mailed to the permanent address provided on the registration form. The cost of shipping is already included in the registration fee!  You must change your address in BluPrint if you have listed a PO box.

Will the Sigma Marketplace be virtual also?

Conclave 2023 will include both an in-person and a virtual Sigma Marketplace.


I am registered to attend the in-person Conclave and will be in Houston, TX. If I want to watch a session from hotel room or elsewhere, am I able to do that?

Yes, in-person registrants get the best of both worlds. Like the virtual registrants, they can access the web-based platform from anywhere during Conclave and for up to 30-days after.  

Are all hotel services up and running?

At this time, most hotels in Houston TX have resumed normal operations. We recommend that you consult with your booked hotel if you have specific questions about amenities and/or housekeeping services.

Will transportation be available between my hotel and the convention center?

Both hotels are linked by an interconnector!  You never have to leave the buildings unless you choose to do so.  Ground transportation around the city is available via a trolley.

Those Brothers that need a motor scooter to travel around the hotel and convention will have access to vendors that are renting them.  The information will be posted on the Conclave landing page.