Alain Leroy Locke Scholar Honors Chapter


The purpose of the Alain LeRoy Locke Scholar Honors Chapter is to recognize our scholastically high achieving Collegiate Brothers. This Chapter will help fulfill its purpose through the encouragement of high academic achievement. It will also serve as the highest distinction a Collegiate Brother can obtain during their collegiate years.

Scholarship is one of the high ideals of our illustrious organization, and as such it is imperative that we promote this ideal among our collegiate members.


Requirements for Membership

• To be eligible, a financial collegiate Brother must have a minimum GPA of 3.5 (with a minimum of 80 credit hours), and have been in the Fraternity at least two full semesters, prior to application submission.

Application Process

• The open period to submit applications will be from January 15th to April 15th of each conclave year. No application will be accepted if not postmarked between the stated dates stated for open period.

• The applicant must be approved and voted on by his chapter prior to his application. His completed application must be forwarded to their Regional Director for Board approval including the following materials:

- Completed application with letter from chapter President stating the Brother is being nominated by his chapter and meet all qualifications. In the event that the Chapter President is applying then the Advisor will submit the letter on behalf of the chapter.

- Letter of Intent from the applicant (a 3 page letter which addresses how important academic excellence is to the applicant.)

- An official transcript must be sent directly from the university to the Regional Director showing a cumulative grade point average.

- An updated resume to be sent to Regional Director with package.

- Three letters of reference (one from campus staff or faculty, one from the nearest alumni chapter member or advising Alumni chapter, and one from a citizen in the community (must be a non-Sigma and not a family member) to be sent to Regional Director with package.

• Upon approval of the board or regional conference, the applicant’s package will be submitted directly to be held for the Alain LeRoy Locke Scholar Honors Chapter. Regional Directors must have all application with package information postmarked and forwarded to the national office on or before May 15th.

• Regional Directors must verify applicant’s information is accurate and verifiable prior to mailing to the International Headquarters.

• All Alain LeRoy Locke Scholar Honors Chapter committee members will receive from the national office a copy of the complete package of each applicant which has been approved by the Region on or before June 15th.

A.L. Locke Scholar Honors Chapter Application - 2023